Using a Realtor®

There’s a lot of time, effort and energy spent into selling or buying a home. This can be exhaustive for an individual if you choose to do it by yourself, and not with the assistance of a professional Real Estate Agent. You may run the risk of losing money and getting a less-than-favorable deal. REALTORS® have years of education and experience and help you not only make a solid and responsible financial decision, but also protect you from the many risks that exist within the real estate market.

Risks of Buying or Selling without a professional on your side?

Buying or selling without a Real Estate Professional can have serious negative consequences. First off, it may take you longer to sell your home, resulting in wasted time and potentially lost funds. If you’re working full-time, the ability to sell a home is more difficult; you may have to take sporadic time off work and have a tight schedule for holding open houses and viewings, limiting the interest from potential buyers. Along with this, it can be quite uncomfortable letting just anybody into your home, and you may not know how to properly protect yourself against theft or fraud. A REALTOR® holds effective open houses with a stronger ability to detect any suspicious activity.

As a do-it-yourself seller or buyer, you’re likely limited to your knowledge and ability when it comes to selling a home. A Real Estate professional understands the lengthy paperwork and legal documents that go along with home sales and can also better determine what is or isn’t a good deal. Without the help of a professional you’ll likely waste hours researching and trying to learn all the details regarding a real estate transaction, and you could still be outmatched by a professional on the other end of the deal.

Why Use a REALTOR®?

The answer seems obvious: to get the best possible deal available to you. Especially for first time buyers, not using the services of a REALTOR® can jeopardize one of the biggest investments you’ll make in a lifetime by missing some crucial element in a home that puts high repair costs on you after closing.

If you were to try and sell on your own, you may not know the market as well as a professional and could risk pricing your home inaccurately and either selling your house for less, or pricing it too high and having it sit on the market. Homes priced too high are used as a benchmark to help sell other homes priced below them.

When buying a home, it’s extremely beneficial to have the assistance of a REALTOR®. Their market knowledge can increase your buying power and options within a marketplace. With access to a more advanced MLS system having additional information and searching capabilities, they’re much more likely to find you the home you’ve always wanted.

At R. W. Thur Real Estate Ltd., we’re able to effectively negotiate with sellers and help you to avoid any potential problems when you purchase your new home. REALTORS® know general costs of updates and potential problem areas within a home that may warrant a lower asking price. Having a REALTOR® by your side during the negotiations can help you get the best deal possible and ensure you’re not taken advantage of.