Preparing for An Open House

open house sign

There are some easy steps that you can take to help your R.W. Thur Real Estate Ltd. REALTOR® hold a successful open house. As a general rule when selling a house, you should always take extra care to keep all areas of your home clean and tidy:

  • Living Areas – vacuumed and dusted, toys/books put away, de-clutter, let as much natural light in as possible
  • Kitchen / Bathroom – all surfaces should be wiped clean and be tidy, no stains in the sink, put toiletries away, organize cabinets, dishes cleaned and put away
  • Walls and ceilings – wiped clean from stains and fingerprints, repair chips in paint or rips in wall paper
  • Doors – fix squeaky hinges, make sure latches work and doors don’t stick
  • Windows – clean windows, repair ripped screens, wipe down ledges
  • Lighting – make sure all light bulbs are working, fix broken wall plates
  • Pets – clean litter box! Make sure hair is well vacuumed, keep pets in separate room or take them with you during open house
  • Exterior – wipe down cobwebs, shovel / sweep all walkways, wash siding, fresh landscaping

open house sign

Additional things to address before your REALTOR® holds an open house:

  • Lock away all valuables
  • Avoid cooking strong smelling foods (Although some foods can help – fresh bread, pie, popcorn, coffee)
  • If you have fireplaces, make sure they’re working and turned on
  • De-clutter!