Finding the Right Home

Have you begun to wonder if there’s a better home out there that will suit the current needs of your changing family dynamic? Family needs change quickly as your children grow or you add new members to your family. Before making the jump to your next home, there are a number of things to consider.

  • Know your needs- It’s important to have an idea of what your family needs in a home. What type of house (bungalow, side split, 2 story, etc.) How many bedrooms / bathrooms? What size of garage? Is yard size important? How close do you need to be to schools, public transit, work etc.?
  • Communication- Be sure to plan ahead of time to ensure you’re making the right decision. It’s important to know in advance that you have the resources in place to cover the costs of your move, if not, it’s wise to save up longer before making this big life decision. Discuss the option of moving with your spouse and ensure you’re both on the same page as to what criteria is most important for your new home. Once you and your spouse have talked things out, include your children in the conversation, every member of the family must be on board and prepared for the coming move.
  • Support, don’t fight- Older children who have already established close friends are likely to be more resilient and rebellious towards the move. Try to understand their frustrations and encourage them to be as involved as possible with the decision to move. Show them the benefits of moving and explain to them the necessity behind it. Keep constant communication to avoid them feeling betrayed.
  • Looking for the best home- You should always hire the assistance of a Real Estate Professional; they can provide you with meaningful insight and specific knowledge of the home and your new neighbourhood. When viewing potential homes, bring your children along and ask them what they like the best about each home. If you don’t have any children yet, try to imagine raising a family there and picture what features you would want to have while raising a family.
  • Look outside the home- you’ll also want to have a good look around the house and the neighbourhood. Is the yard big enough for kids to safely run around and have fun outside? Is the neighbourhood safe? Is it close to schools, parks, community centers, public transit etc.? Your REALTOR® should have this information available for you.